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A crisis is an accelerator...choose your mindset wisely!

Updated: May 25, 2021

If there were cracks or deficiencies in relationships, processes, finance or health prior to 2020 then I think we can all agree we were all hit hard in the face with these exposures during Covid-19. As the world is trying stabilize itself, it feels like we are still in the after shocks of an earthquake. Political unrest in different regions in the world, the exchange of paper currency for cryptocurrency. There are changes of vocations, coupled with uncertainty in our decisions based on lack of truth or truth we are not ready to accept. We are officially a changed world.

I think a lot about those that were marginalized or invisible to our society prior to the Pandemic, their voices were muted. The hate that existed in the quiet corner of our minds was unleashed like a vulture waiting patiently for its prey. The dream was crushed for the generation of individuals born to expect comfort and placing their value and worth on their work, only to realize that no one cares or is showing up to save them from their new reality. We are a broken world reverting back to our old habits and 12 year old version of ourselves. We are quick to pick a side without understanding the context or the full story. Rarely are we brave enough to admit our mistakes and strong biases. We are so protective of our opinions because what lets face it....we just can’t bruise our egos much more. When everything we thought we knew is now uncertain or distorted, we may find ourselves at the place where maybe our faith has left us feeling exposed. Could it be that we never had control in the first place?

But in every crisis, in every storm we brace ourselves. We put our armor on, go to the front-lines, some start to expose their hidden feelings, while others hoard, fight, cry or go into deep corners of their minds. And then there is that group! It's the one that sees their situation as an opportunity to make lemonade, to grow, to let in more love, more light, tolerance, patience and kindness. Ultimately, crisis accelerates everything and a crisis also becomes the birthplace of innovation. We see communities supporting each other, individuals getting creative. We see organizations developing innovative products, services and experiences to meet this moment. We see a glimpse of humanity restored, but we also see a rapid rise on the other side of the spectrum.

When we are angry, scared and full of uncertainty and anxiety we continue to feed ourselves negative thoughts which include all the things that could go wrong. But what about all the things that CAN go right?!?! That mindset is the conditioning that comes from being brave, open, full of love, having clarity and believing that we do have all the resources we need to move forward in this world. This is the mindset that I’m so fiercely protective of preserving.

This world was never meant to be perfect, we will always have challenges, disagreements, differing opinions and negative forces surrounding us. But those outside influences and people can be used...they can aid us in seeking change, positivity and peace and to stretch ourselves further. We can use all the resources we have (including the negative experiences and people) to catapult us to create something that wasn't there before.

Looking at the to learn from it, but not to relive it! Human beings are hard wired to progress, to develop new things, to experience and cultivate new ideas. There is always a group of people who will use their present situation, this moment perhaps, to change their status quo. Whether it's a new job, a growing their family, opening our ears to hearing another perspective or developing a new service, product or is the human condition to move towards progress. The questions you may want to ask yourself I include: will I be on the right side of history? Will I push my mind to stay open? Will I get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Will I choose love not hate? Will I move backwards or move forward in the current of life? We don't always choose our situations....but we are always in control of our reactions. Chose wisely.

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